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Walk around your workplace... 

  • Are all your health, safety, and legislative requirements in order?
  • Can you even find them?
  • Need Help?

We have the solutions...   

WPCC Health and Safety Communication Boards, The Complete, Legislatively Compliant Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

WPCC Health and Safety
Communication Board
Information and Products

WPCC Eyewash
Information and Products


WPCC WorkPlace Care Center
Information and Products

Information and Products


The green, white, and grey colour design assures a consistent, clean, and coherent Health and Safety corporate image that is immediately identifiable from a distance and is esthetically pleasing.  When additional WPCC Health and Safety solutions are introduced to the workplace, a seamless integration is achieved so that each board looks different, yet they all maintain a distinctive uniform Health and Safety look.

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