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WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre Board

Provincial/Federal compliant First Aid Cabinets available

Access to first aid, when needed, has never been easier.  A completely new concept for addressing the age-old problem of how to organize and easily identify your first aid equipment! Once in place, the WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre ensures all first aid supplies can immediately be located. Now you can maintain and organize all necessary supplies in one convenient location.

Designed for all your first aid and incident reporting needs, the board is:

  • Instantly recognizable from a distance.
  • Sets a new meaning for the words 'Legislatively compliant'
  • Bilingual (English & French).
  • Tidy, organized, and esthetically pleasing.
  • Functional, easy to use.
  • Perfect for virtually any work environment as a result of its chemically resistant surface
  • Easily affixed to the wall
  • Promotes improved safety awareness
  • Includes clearly-printed procedures on "What to do when injured at work."
  • Comes complete with mounting hardware

The WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre™ has a footprint of only 24" x 46" and includes:

  • First Aid Attendant location list 8˝" x 11" Display Holder
  • Unique WPCC™ Boo Boo™ Bandage Accessory Box
  • The industry's first, uniquely designed First Aid Metal Cabinet by Talott, complete with required legislative contents
  • Quick release Emergency Blanket storage bag with two blankets


Think about your current workplace for a moment… Could you confidently ask any one employee to identify and locate the first aid kit(s), what about the emergency blankets? In an emergency, would your employees be able to identify who the First Aid Attendants are?  If injured, are your employees fully aware of their responsibilities when dealing with injuries incurred at work?

Simple questions right?  You would be amazed at the responses.

Order Numbers:


WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre™ Board Complete - CLC Part II 
Talott's Canada Labour Code Type "B" (exceeds CLC).


WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre™ Board Complete - ONT
Talott's Corporate Office "C" First Aid Kit, (exceeds WSIB).


WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre™ Board Complete - CSST
Talott's Corporate Office "C" First Aid Kit, (exceeds CSST).

Don't Forget . . .  First Aid Signage

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