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WPCC™ Flip-E-Info™ Board


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The purpose of the WPCC™ Flip-E-Info™ is to protect and display the contact information of all Health and Safety personnel within your facility in a space saving manner.  Being visually prominent, the WPCC™ Flip-E-Info™ increases the level of awareness of those responsible for Health and Safety related issues.

Names, telephone numbers, where they work in the facility, training certification, and certification expiration date of:

  • All First Aiders
  • Health and Safety Committee Members
  • Fire Wardens

What makes this unique product so special is that it can easily accommodate and protect up to six (6) 8½" x 11" sheets of paper (front and back) while occupying the same area as only one sheet.

The WPCC™ Flip-E-Info™ is incorporated into the WPCC™ Health and Safety Communications Board.  Available as a stand-alone item that can be positioned throughout various locations in your workplace such as:

  • Next to elevators,
  • Exits,
  • Washrooms,
  • Cafeterias, and
  • Emergency equipment.

These are just some of the common areas that this unique product can be utilized.

Bilingual (English & French) WPCC™ Flip-E-Info™ Board 9¾" x 22" complete with mounting hardware

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