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WPCC Health and Safety Communications Board

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  • All board information is printed in both official languages (English & French).
  • Accommodates your Health and Safety Statement;
  • Both official language (English & French) versions of Canada Labour Code - Part II are securely fastened to a custom display holder.
  • A patented dust resistant Safety Procedure Manual storage container with two fully indexed, heavy duty 50 gauge poly binders.  They are:
      • "Accidents and Emergencies Happen - Know What To Do;" and
      • "Safety is a Partnership - Know Your Role"
    • The lid design actively prevents individuals from using it as a storage shelf
    • When opened, the distinctive dust cover reveals a specially designed holder for hands-free viewing of the enclosed binders
  • An easily accessible Health and Safety arched clipboard for your Health and Safety Agenda meeting Minutes.
  • The WPCC Flip-E-Locate 11" x 17" with 2 levels to display required floor plans of your facility.
  • The WPCC Flip-E-Info incorporates a 3 level display holder to identify and list your First Aiders, Health and Safety Committee Members, and Fire Wardens
  • Bulletin Board (18" x 24") to communicate changing Health and Safety information
  • Highlights salient points of the Canada Labour Code, Part II (i.e. responsibilities and penalties for the employer, supervisor, and employees . . .)

Bilingual (English & French) WPCC Health and Safety Communications Board - 58" (w) x 46" (h) complete with mounting hardware.


Since legislation requires employers to implement and, "stay on top" of their Health and Safety Programs, and by understanding the importance of compliance and the issues surrounding Health and Safety within the workplace today, Talott First Aid & Safety took it upon itself to not only develop, but also bring to market the first complete, professionally designed, and commercially available line of Health and Safety Communication Boards.

The WPCC Health and Safety Communications Board is a single "Thought-out Solution" for those interested in effectively addressing their Health and Safety requirements.  Easily identifiable, recognizable, bilingual, and interactive, the WPCC Health and Safety Communications Board allows the employer to fulfill their responsibilities in a concise and efficient way by building their own complete Health and Safety program on top of the WPCC systems framework.

The Canada Labour Code compliant WPCC Health and Safety Communications Board's layout was designed to maintain a small footprint.  This addressed the limited wall real estate prevalent in many office environments.  Understanding these footprint limitations, brought about the development of the WPCC Flip-E-Info and WPCC Flip-E-Locate, which are also one of the many integral components that make up this board.

The green, white, and grey colour design assures a consistent, clean, and coherent Health and Safety corporate image that is immediately identifiable from a distance and is esthetically pleasing.  When additional WPCC Health and Safety solutions are introduced to the workplace, a seamless integration is achieved so that each board looks different, yet they all maintain a distinctive uniform health and safety look.

The WPCC Health and Safety Communications Board is intended to shift CLC Part II from a daunting task into easily managed segments. This new approach will not only reflect on shorter organized meetings generated by proactive Health and Safety Committee members, but also provides a clearer way of conveying organized Health and Safety information to all employees, which in turn, promotes what we all want to achieve . . . 'improved safety awareness.'

The WPCC Health and Safety Communications Board family of products supports a reasonable effort for the safety of the employees on behalf of the employer.

The days of everyone trying to figure out what they need . . . what they require . . . the law, their responsibilities, and where to find it . . . are over!

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