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About the WPCC Boo Boo Bandage Accessory Box


No need to break the tamper seal on the first aid kit when you only need an antiseptic wipe and a bandage.  Design Features:

  • Clear, useful, bilingual (English & French) printed images.
  • Solid construction with safety edges.
  • The interior incorporates multiple levels for the display and storage of BZK antiseptic towelettes and bandages. 
  • Finish is a white, odourless, high gloss powder coat paint that will not yellow over time.
  • Door is attached by a full-length piano hinge.
  • Boo Boo Bandage Accessory Box dimensions:  7 W x 6 H x 2 D.
  • Four mounting holes.
  • Unique grip facilitates opening of the unit.
  • Talott guarantees Cabinets against production defect.
  • Canadian made product.

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